Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Get To vs. Got To

Several months ago, my friend Jordan Becnel was sharing on the concept of "get to vs. got to".  As our Worship and Creative Arts Pastor for Bayside Community Church, Jordan has had many opportunities to "get to" do ministry.  Whether loving on someone from his team, or a random person on the weekend, God has given him the opportunity to be "the hands and feet" of Christ on multiple occasions.  And as he was sharing in one of our pastor meetings, he cautioned us to always have the "get to" mindset.

When you begin in ministry of any kind ... you have the undeniable sense of accomplishment, the eagerness to be used by God, to go out and change the world for Him ... and it is awesome.  You get to go talk with someone, or you get the opportunity to pray over a need, or you are given the chance to spend meaningful time with a friend in need.  But as the opportunities continue to present themselves, the "get to" sometimes fades into a "got to" mentality.  I have "got to" speak all weekend, or "got to" get up early for prayer, or I have "got to" be at this or that ... and it's not that it's a complaint, but rather the excitement sometimes fades.

Whether you are a "professional" Christian like myself (yes, I get paid to love people, I have it made!), or just someone trying to live their lives to the fullest in Christ, sometimes we lose our sense of how incredible God is, and that he chose to use a sinner like myself (you probably don't sin like I do, so this may not be as incredible for you). 

This past weekend we had John Maxwell live and in person at Bayside, and he was amazing.  His wisdom on leadership, and his ideas about investing in your kids by paying them for reading instead of chores, wow!  Yet, I was blown away by someone else that weekend.  One of our volunteer worship leaders (I won't mention her name - but she plays everything, and sings like an angel) was walking to her car after the 2nd Saturday night service when I joined her on the sidewalk.  Knowing her commitment with family, her job, and volunteering ... I asked "So, you here all weekend?"  And her response with a smile "Absolutely, I am excited that I "GET" to be here tomorrow.  She understands the concept of Get To vs. Got To.  Do you?

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