Sunday, September 11, 2011

What an amazing night!

Ok, so I was blown away last night.  I was excited to be a part of the new online campus, but God truly gave me "exceedingly, abundantly more, than I could have asked or imagined"!  I love people ... love interacting and hanging out, it's just how I am wired.  And I recognize how "social media" can impact our world for Christ, and the avenues to use it are endless.  What I didn't expect ... what how much fun I would have connecting with people online!

I was so encouraged to hear from people in other states, connecting while they were out of town, or having been invited by their families to participate with Bayside.  Engaging with people who have never been inside the walls of Bayside, and yet they were being welcomed as part of our family.  I was so blessed to hear testimonies of people worshiping God together through the internet as a husband and wife, even though being separated by thousands of miles.

I knew this was gonna be cool - just didn't know how cool :)  I am so excited to be the online campus pastor - my heart is racing for the opportunity to love on people wherever they are, and show them the love of Christ in a digital world as well.  Thoughts of online community, small groups meeting online, and making disciples -- helping people engage God's word, and having a relationship with Him -- I am so pumped!  I was on cloud nine after last night's service ... and I get to do it all again in 15 min!  Yeah!

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