Wednesday, February 8, 2012

God's got your back!

Exodus 13:21 & 14:19
So this year I have decided to read the Bible via Youversion‘s Chronological reading plan.  And in the spirit of transparency, my recent trip to Disney got me behind on my reading … I know, bad Pastor.  Oh well, “confess your sins one to another” right?

Okay … so in Exodus we have the story of Moses leading his people out of the land of Egypt and into the promised land, and Pharoah agrees to let his people go, but then changes his mind and chases after them.  The Egyptian army overtakes the Israelites at the Red Sea, and then God splits the sea, and Moses walks through on dry land, and the Egyptians get killed in the Sea.  Cool story about God’s will and protection.

See in Exodus 13:21 you have God providing the Israelites guidance and direction as a “pillar of cloud” by day, and a “pillar of fire” by night.  And in Ex 14:19, the “angel of God” moves from guiding in the front, to standing in between the approaching armies of Egypt and provides protection - He had their back! What a great illustration of God’s guidance and protection in our lives. He's got our back.  God is out front of us guiding and directing each step, day and night.  And when necessary, He moves to defend us in times of need.

My prayer for you today is that you are in God’s will - that you seek His guidance and direction day and night. And in so doing, you would have His Divine protection in all areas of you life.  Who else better than God to protect our backs?

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