Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Everyone needs a "Jethro"

I remember how ironic I thought it was that Moses’ father in law was named Jethro ~ a name I do not associate with wisdom, in fact far from it.  I think of “Jethro” as one of the Beverly Hillbilly’s characters, without a lick of sense really :)  But that is not the case at all ~

In Exodus, chapter 18, Jethro hears about all that God is doing through his son-in-law Moses and comes to see him.  Moses welcomed him, and shared all that God was doing in his life.  As Jethro observed Moses in his daily routine, he offered him advice to help him be a more effective leader.  In verse 17, he laid out foundational leadership principles that are in effect throughout every successful organization I have ever been a part of – and Moses listened.

Everyone needs a “Jethro” in their life.  We all need people who support us, who recognize what God is doing in our lives, and who want to see us be successful.  Jethro was a priest himself – so he understood leadership, and he understood and valued what God was doing in Moses.  So he gave him good advice – direct and to the point “what you are doing in not good” (v17) “Listen … I will give you some advice” (v19).

Moses valued Jethro.  He allowed him to speak into his life … and Moses was better for it.  Maybe you don’t currently have a “Jethro” in your life ~ observing and offering wisdom.  Maybe you need someone that you trust, that will give you Godly advice, and help you identify the blind spots in your life.  If you don’t, I think of what Pastor Rick Bezet (Pastor Randy’s brother) shared with our staff once.  He said “I have never had a mentor come and ask if they could mentor me, I sought them out.”

My prayer for you is simple:  If you don’t have a “Jethro” – seek one out.  If you do, I pray you listen.

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