Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Five Finger Prayer

As a parent, I have struggled for several years to get my kids to engage in meaningful prayer.  Both my daughters understand the value of prayer, but getting them to pray outloud with continuity of thought … well, that’s another story.  And then I heard Pastor Burnard Scott share the Five Finger prayer ~ what a valuable tool for kids and adults alike  :)

Simple to use, simple to follow, and it goes like this:

Thumb:  Friends and Family
Since this the closest finger to you, it represents those closest to you.

Pointer Finger:  Preachers and Teachers
Imagine your teacher shaking their finger at you to help you remember.  We pray for our teachers to provide wisdom for our kids, etc.  And we pray our pastors, priests, church leaders, etc.

Middle Finger:  Authority Figures
This finger being the tallest, represents those with the most authority in our lives.  Presidents, Governors, Politicians, Military, Policemen, Firemen, Mayor, etc.  For your kids – Principle, Vice- Principle, etc.  And when you don’t like a politician, just hold your hand up, and “pray” for them J

Ring Finger:  Weak among you
The ring finger is the weakest finger on your hand, so it represents those weakest among you.  The homeless, the hurting, those in need, of healing, people in the hospital, etc.

Pinkie Finger:  Yourself
This is the smallest and last finger on your hand, and it represents when you should pray for yourself.  Pray for everyone else first, and then bring your needs to God.

The Palm:  the lost
Remember the song “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands”?  Take your hand, turn it palm up.   We pray for all those who don’t know God – the “whole world”.

Example Prayer:
“Father thank you for my friends and family.  God I ask that you protect them and provide for their needs, keep them healthy and free from harms way.   Lord I pray for my kids teachers, that they provide wisdom and guidance during the day.  I lift up the pastors of my church, keep their families safe and provide for all their needs.  God, thank you for our country and our leaders.  Protect our military – bring them home safe.  Thank you for the safety and protection our Firemen and Policemen provide for us.  God direct and guide our government officials.  Lord I pray for the weak among us – provide for them, heal those who are hurting and in need of your physical touch.  Provide for those less fortunate than myself, help me see people as you see them God.  Father, help me to be obedient to your word.  I have needs, but you know them and will bless me exceedingly abundantly according to your word when I follow your commands.  God I pray for the lost – those who don’t know You.  I pray they get to experience the loving relationship that I have with You.  In Jesus name, Amen!

I encourage you  to try it for you yourself, try it with your kids ~ if you were looking for a “jump start” in your prayer life, this will help :)

For the video message of Pastor Burnard, click HERE


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